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American Association for Clinical Chemistry

A nonprofit international organization of chemists, physicians, and other scientists who specialize in clinical chemistry.
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Asian and Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry (APFCB)

Exists to promote improvement in the health and well-being of the communities it serves through improving the development and practice of clinical biochemistry.
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Association of Clinical Biochemists (ACB)

Professional body dedicated to the practice and promotion of clinical science.
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Balloon Molecules

Using balloons to display molecules.
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Chemistry Resources

Science and chemistry resource site compiled for students at advanced secondary level.
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Worldwide online chemistry community, offering preprint server with unpublished papers, Alchemist magazine, careers center, and more.
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International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC)

Members, meetings, handbook, publications, and more.
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Research Chemicals EU

RCNET supply only the highest quality research chemicals from our worldwide network of suppliers, Allowing us to provide our academic institutions, research laboratories and chemical research students with the most competitive prices.
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Tracking some of the discoveries and controversies at the forefront of chemistry.
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A separation science online resource and portal incorporating the major separation techniques.
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The Chemical Forums

An interactive website devoted to chemical education that allows people to ask chemistry questions to chemists for free.
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