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Lab benchwork troubleshooting resources and protocols for researchers in molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, genetics, and biochemistry.
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Bio IT World

Provides information designed to advance biotech and pharmaceutical industry business success.
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An aggregation of news, information, and services for those who work and invest in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
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Cell & Molecular Biology Online

Resource center for the academic biology community, pointing to research, employments, and education websites and publications.
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Comet Assay Interest Group Website

Forum for free exchange of information on the single cell gel electrophoresis, or comet, assay.
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Cytokines Online Pathfinder Encyclopaedia (COPE)

A vast amount of information on cytokine research and related subjects.
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Publishes a free weekly Email newsletter covering the biotech industry.
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Keystone Symposia

Meetings on biomedical and life sciences that encourage scientific information exchange and networking.
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MBS - Molecular Biology Shortcuts

The entry door to the Web for the molecular biologist.
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Offering information about spheroids as a tool for the study of endothelial differentiation and angiogenesis.
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